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Compounding natural disaster with government disaster

The ever-reliable supporters of big government at CNN (no different from any other "mainstream" media outlet, to be sure) offer this interesting insight: Political antagonism toward deficits may exacerbate the long-term impact of natural disasters by… more »

Can't you take a joke?

The problem with Michele Bachmann's quip that the recent Virginia-centered earthquake and Hurricane Irene were a political message from god is not that she made a joke. It's that the media wasn't sure whether it was a joke, and perhaps, not least… more »

The inevitable "exchange" metastasis

Colorado's SB200 which created a health care "exchange" for the state after the bill was sponsored by House Majority Leader Amy Stephens (R-Monument) is already demonstrating the first of its unintended consequences. By this I mean the consequences… more »

Gay marriage meets immigration

A week ago, immigration judge Mimi Tsankov, basing her ruling on the Obama Administration's rapidly changing immigration policy, postponed deportation hearings for Sujey Pando, a Mexican citizen whose story is as sympathetic as the judge's ruling is… more »

Ross in for Peter Boyles on Thursday

I have the privilege of sitting in for the great Peter Boyles again on Thursday (Aug 25), from 5 AM to 9 AM on Denver's Talk Radio 630 KHOW. At 6:30 AM, my guest will be Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, talking about Cost of Gove… more »

Fox posts misleading GOP poll headline

This morning on "America's Newsroom", Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum reported that a "New poll shows Gov Perry leading 2012 Republican field." This headline and the discussion with RCN Chairman Reince Preibus was rather misleading, and I was surprised… more »

The Fed's secret loans

A colleague from the Heartland Institute asked me to comment on the Bloomberg News story about the Fed giving $1.2 trillion of secret loans to large banks, both American and foreign, from 2007 to 2010. Here was my response: The magnitude of the Fed's… more »

Astronaut Suicides

Photographer Neil Dacosta and Art Director Sara Phillips have created a disturbing and thought-provoking assemblage of photographs entitled "Astronaut Suicides" at the eponymous website. (Navigate through the pictures using the left and right keyboard… more »

Ross in for Peter Boyles on Tuesday

I'll have my first opportunity to sit in for the hyper-energetic Peter Boyles on Tuesday (and again on Thursday) from 5 AM to 9 AM on 630 KHOW. My scheduled guests for Tuesday include: At 6 AM, author Marijo (pronounced Mary Jo) Tinlin, author of "How… more »

What now for Libya?

The fall of Tripoli, which seems to have happened with astounding rapidity, must leave us wondering "what next?" As we see Egypt lurch perilously close to a Muslim Brotherhood cliff, and allowing themselves (probably intentionally) to be drawn closer to… more »
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