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Assaulting Cain

On Sunday evening, the liberal Politico web site, including their partisan Democrat hack-reporter Ken Vogel, posted a barely-sourced story alleging improper behavior by presidential candidate Herman Cain during the 1990s when he was president of the… more »
For a preview of tonight's edition of Backbone Radio including well-known blogger Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds, and author and former mayor of Shiloh, Israel,David Rubin, please see the Backbone web page here:… more »
On Wednesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation. This sort of talk comes from a man who realizes that good policy can be, and right now probably is, good politics. If somehow Barack Obama wins re-electio… more »
Following up on my note the other day about a University of Colorado employee who hopes that voters won't find out about upcoming bonuses for CU employees because it might hurt the chances of Prop 103 passing, I have more information to offer: The bonu… more »
H/T Finally, Mitt Romney has made a definitive statement against cap-and-trade and the cult of Algore. Now if he can just change his view about only giving capital gains tax relief to the segment of the population which doesn't really h… more »

Can't we just get along?

Joe Lawler is almost right to say that I'm "less concerned with unborn babies and more concerned with electoral success." I am concerned with the electoral success of principled candidates, and by "principled" I probably mean the same thing on at least… more »
Allow me to stipulate a few things before proceeding, with the complete understand that this note will annoy my more conservative readers: I am pro-choice I am against Roe v Wade and against government funding of abortion I believe that debating an… more »

What are they afraid of?

At least one University of Colorado employee hopes that the public will not find out about their upcoming "bonus" payments because it might hurt public sentiment about Proposition 103. Read on... There is a public sector union in Colorado called… more »
As I've written on these pages (here and here), I strongly oppose the massive tax increase known as Proposition 103. It's marketed as "for the children" as most Democrat proposals are, but it's really "for the teachers' unions." Colorado's education il… more »

Lessons of Netflix

In July, Netflix stock neared $300 per share. Then they announced a price hike, raising both their DVD-by-mail and Internet-based streaming movie service from about $10 per month to about $16 per month. Their customers revolted, and the stock price went… more »

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