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Tough call on Fannie, Freddie bonuses

On Tuesday, the House Financial Services Committee passed, by a 52-4 margin, a bill designed "to stop future bonuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and suspend the current multi-million dollar compensation packages for the top executives." The rest of… more »

Herman's just not ready

Herman Cain is theoretically a great candidate for president. He’s a smart, black, successful, conservative “outsider.” But as the reality sets in, it's clear that Mr. Cain is barely more ready for the office he seeks than Sarah Palin (or Barack Obama)… more »

Crony capitalism and smallpox

When even the L.A. Times starts reporting on government expenditures which appear to be the direction of millions (or hundreds of millions) of taxpayer dollars to companies in bed with Democrat donors, you know that such corruption is a story not going… more »

Backbone Radio, November 13, 2011

For a preview of tonight's edition of Backbone Radio, including guests Ryan Call and Phil Kerpen, please see the Backbone web page here: more »

Democrat supports Voter ID law

Sorry I'm getting this to you a bit late, but my expectation is that most readers have nevertheless not heard this story yet. Last month, former Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL) wrote a refreshingly honest mea culpa when it comes to the issue of Voter ID… more »

The Virginia Way

Over at, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell explains that his state's Republican gains in Tuesday's elections have been well-earned by showing how well conservative policies can rein in the cost of government while continuing to fund… more »

Sell first, ask questions later

On Monday, I sent the following note to a friend of mine who also pays close attention to financial markets (though he's not trading every day like I am): Now they're going to go from worrying about Greece to worrying about Italy...which is a m… more »

A reporter's liberal wishful thinking

(I'm posting this now, which might seem a bit late to some, because part of the below was submitted to the Denver Post as a letter to the editor. Now that it's clear they're not going to run it, I am running an expanded version here.) Liberals tend to… more »

Herman Cain: Too much explaining

The Herman Cain campaign has put out a press release (text below) noting his most recent accuser, Sharon Bialek's, "troubled history" including being "sued in 1999 over a paternity matter", twice filing for bankruptcy, and having "worked for nine… more »

Margaret Thatcher explains Occupy Wall Street

...and President Obama, and congressional Democrats H/T Airbus more »
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