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Colorado Proposition 103 prediction

[Update: Looks like I was too conservative! With 61% of the vote in, Proposition 103 is losing by 30 percent. In order to get this sort of result, there must have been a large number of Democrats opposing the measure along with almost all Republicans… more »

So long, debit card fees

Following the passage of the "Durbin Amendment" to the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill -- an amendment which cut the fees that debit card providers can charge merchants per transaction -- Bank of America created a furor by announcing a $5 per month… more »

Peter Schiff talks to Occupyers

In this great 19 minutes of dialog, financier and capitalist Peter Schiff goes into the throngs at Occupy Wall Street to find out what they're really about -- and to show them an example of a real capitalist: more »
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