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Kira Davis: My apology to Karzai

As I was one of the first bloggers to object to our government's pathetic apologies for the accidental burning of some Korans, I appreciate Kira Davis' reality-based apology to Afghan President Karzai: more »

Obama's food stamp fetish

The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals"… more »

Santorum's economic plan

In the Wall Street Journal today, former Senator and current Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lays out his economic and tax framework. He begins with an aggressive attack on Mitt Romney: Attempting to distract from his record of tax and fee… more »

Weekly Standard on Gleick affair

Writing for The Weekly Standard, Steven Hayward recounts some of the last week's turmoil surrounding the theft of Heartland Institute documents and the inclusion of a forgery in the "document dump." It includes a few mentions of yours truly:… more »

Do you ever feel this way about our election?

Douche and Turd Get More: SOUTH PARKmore... more »

Obama's fake corporate tax cut

Q: When can you be sure President Barack Obama is proposing a tax increase?  A: When you hear him propose a tax cut. On Wednesday, the president announced his plans to modify the U.S. tax code by cutting the corporate income tax rate from 35 percent… more »

A disastrous debate for Santorum

Having heard a little more than an hour of the Republican debate on Wednesday evening, my gut reaction was that it was a disaster for Rick Santorum and a solid night for Mitt Romney. Santorum was booed repeatedly while cheers for Romney sounded more ent… more »

Burning books

NATO Commanding General John Allen and Obama administration Press Secretary Jay Carney were more apologetic than a bacon salesman at a rabbi convention after some Korans (copies of the Muslim holy book, much like the bible to Jews and Christians) were… more »

Gleick cops to Heartland theft

On Friday I posted a blog note containing my personal speculation that evidence in the theft of Heartland Institute documents suggested the crime (at least I believe it is a crime), including the creation of a fake document then attributed to Heartland,… more »

The Ross Kaminsky Show, Feb 19 lineup

On this Sunday's edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show, we have quite a range of topics in store. In the  11 AM hour, is punishing parents for "tough love" out of control? Are we creating a generation of overly coddled, entitled kids who think they can do… more »
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