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Dennis Miller to keynote LPR Annual Retreat Feb 24-25

The Leadership Program of the Rockies Annual Retreat, which I'll be attending for the 7th year in a row at the end of February, is always one of the highlights of my year. Overflowing with lovers of liberty, and packed full of some of the most interesti… more »

Participation rate issue less than meets the eye

As Aaron Goldsten and I have each noted, today's jobs report must be a short-term boost to President Obama. Over at, Obama's betting odds to win re-election in 2012 are up from 55.5 percent yesterday (and 54.5 percent the day before) to 56.8… more »

My house, 8:30 AM, Feb 2, 2012

About 2 feet of snow since 6 PM last night, and it's supposed to snow hard for the rest of the day and into the night. Already at the top estimate of the National Weather Service's winter storm warning estimate for snowfall and the storm is only half… more »

Labor pains

Not so long ago, the Great Satan to the labor movement was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker -- who faces a union-led recall election later this year. This week, if perhaps temporarily, that title is being claimed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels whose s… more »

Employment report blows away forecasts

The January employment report, released this morning, must have big grins on the face of President Barack Obama and his campaign staff. And despite the negative political implications (of helping Obama's reelection chances), I still can't find myself… more »