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Theft and forgery of Heartland Institute documents

Ross Kaminsky is a Senior Fellow of the Heartland Institute and former member of its Board of Directors as well as an occasional donor to the organization. He has never been paid anything by the Heartland Institute, but has been a donor in support of it… more »

Support your Jewish Republican

You remember Family Feud, don't you? Richard Dawson asks family member contestants a question that was also asked of 100 people and the contestants have to guess what the survey answers were. So if you'll allow me to play Richard Dawson for a moment,… more »

Jamie Dimon discusses "misguided" economic policies

On Monday, Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, and therefore one of the most important bankers in the world, had some not so kind things to say about economic policies of recent years. Dimon, whose strong early support of Barac… more »