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Brian Wesbury: The Futility of Quantitative Easing

In my view, the long-term damage done by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will be looked back on through history with equal scorn as that eventually heaped on Alan Greenspan. They each completely ignored the obvious negative consequences of holding interest… more »

Craig Silverman: Why I Support Romney

My good friend Craig Silverman is many things: He's a Jewish Denver attorney who used to be Chief Deputy District Attorney for Denver, he's a former Democrat, and until recently he and Dan Caplis co-hosted one of the top radio shows in Colorado. Over th… more »

Tax Cuts for Your Love Life

While on the tour of college campuses and late-night talk shows that serves as his campaign trail (despite seeming more appropriate for an aging rock band trying to make a few bucks off its past glory), President Barack Obama has been railing against… more »

The Secret (Weapon) Romney Tapes

The far-left magazine Mother Jones is making a splash, or what Democrats think is a splash, with video from a private fundraiser held in May for Mitt Romney. During the event, Romney spoke about the large minority of Americans who are dependent on gove… more »

A Black Flag Day for America

On a pretense of anger about an anti-Islamic film, "ultra-conservative" Muslim "protesters" attacked the U.S. embassies in Cairo, Egypt, and Benghazi, Libya, on Tuesday. (Short video of the Cairo mob here.) In Egypt, some of the protesters scaled the… more »

Dear Bess

My friend and colleague, Mike Rosen, the dean of Denver talk radio hosts, received the following letter from a listener. Please read it, and then afterwards I will give you a little more information about it. (I have corrected minor spelling errors.)… more »

Obama vs. Israel, Again

Yet again, President Obama has snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the Jerusalem Post, "The White House has rejected a request by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to meet US President Barack Obama in the United States this… more »

9/11 Memories

The morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 started off like any other work day for me...and more importantly for my New York-based business partners and employees. My office was in downtown Chicago, but our NYC office was at the northwest corner of… more »

Yes on Green But No on Green River

Barack Obama's muddled thinking, so typical of a radical environmentalist's hatred for oil and other things that improve human life, leaves him with an energy policy that only a Democrat (but not one from an energy-producing state) could find… more »

Ending the Economic Error

Barack Obama and his supporters at the Democratic National Convention will mostly avoid the topic of unemployment, as unfavorable a subject as that is for Democrats' reelection chances. Still, we will inevitably hear a mantra like "the trend is in the… more »