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Obama's lost support in Colorado

On Sunday morning on my radio show, I did a "lightning round" segment in which I asked callers to tell me in 30 seconds what their major issue in the election was and which candidate they were therefore voting for, and I asked a few callers follow-up… more »

Obama's priorities

So let's get this straight: President Obama has canceled campaign events, including in my home state of Colorado, to "monitor" Hurricane Sandy. To be sure, Sandy is a monster and has the potential to cause serious damage and potentially loss of life.… more »

Obama Dodges Denver Reporter's Hard Questions

H/T Craig Silverman Congratulations and thanks to Denver's 9News reporter Kyle Clark, who asked President Barack Obama the hardest questions I've ever heard him asked. Kyle Clark's first question to Obama: "Were the Americans under attack at the… more »

The Therapist

Please come in, have a seat. May I call you Debbie? So what's troubling you today? Yes. Yes, I understand. I hear this story from women all too frequently these days. While he was wooing you he seemed like such a good listener, as if he really cared. He… more »

Rasmussen: Romney leads Obama in CO

A newly-released poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by four points in my home state, and a critical election state, of Colorado, with Romney reaching 50 percent here for the first time. See report here. I realize it's a… more »

Moving Day

H/T Rusty S. I don't know who created this, but I think him or her for the laugh... more »

Taliban complains of media bias

THIS would be laugh-out-loud funny if it weren't likely to lead to bloodshed and death. In the meantime, can you imagine the difference in the behavior of American "mainstream" media if the American right were in fact as mean and nasty and violent as… more »

Happy Birthday to Me

Should I be sad that I'm getting old or happy that I get one day of wonderful attention from my wife and kids, perhaps the best part being my kids' home-made birthday cards? I think I'll go with the latter. I really am torn on my birthday: On the one… more »

The Dozen Most Overrated Black People

"The Dozen Most Overrated Black People": Can you imagine if I (or any other columnist) actually wrote an article with this title and subject? Not only would I not write such a thing because it's professional suicide, but more importantly I don't view… more »

RNC on Obama: We've Seen It All Before

H/T Rich S. Many of us have long said that Barack Obama is a man completely devoid of ideas beyond what he is told to believe. An RNC ad from a month ago demonstrates that even those who program Obama's teleprompter have no new ideas. Actually, I find… more »