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I, Pencil

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has put together a great video entitled "I, Pencil", after the short allegorical story of the same name by Leonard Read. It's an excellent, non-academic, explanation of the complexity behind things we perceive… more »

Blaming Grover

Apparently Rex Nutting didn't get the memo. Nutting, a Marketwatch columnist who is the poster child for the maxim that a master's degree doesn't mean you actually know what you're talking about, lists Grover Norquist eighth on his list of "10 people… more »

Ross on the radio, Wednesday 11/21 and Thursday 11/22

Ross on the radio: I'll be on the air Wednesday, 11/21, for Peter Boyles on 630 KHOW from 5 AM to 9 AM Mountain Time, and then on Thursday (Thanksgiving) from 9 AM to noon for Mike Rosen on 850 KOA. Please listen in and join the conversation by calling… more »

The Biggest Reasons

Post-election Republican introspection has begun with authors including our own Jed Babbin offering explanations why Mitt Romney lost. (One wonders whether Jed, who penned six reasons, feels outdone by Keith Koffler's note, "Seven Reasons Why Romney… more »

Join me on Monday evening for a lively discussion

Election Day Is Just the Beginning:  So it's to be four more years of President Obama, with House Republicans in a blocking position if they're willing to use it.  Now more than ever, friends of freedom have their work cut out for them.  Will you be on… more »

Advantage Futures (FCM / Futures Clearing firm)

It's rare that I'm happy enough with a company I work with that I think of offering them an endorsement on these pages. As a professional trader, the quality of my clearing firm, perhaps even more in the area of technical support than in the area of cu… more »

Who Are You?

As I await the arrival of my tickets to see The Who in concert in a few months, it is tempting in this election season, to consider a 2012 version of the gauzy wisdom of "Won't Get Fooled Again" -- to wonder whether a majority of this nation still belie… more »