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Alan Simpson on the Ross Kaminsky Show (Sunday, 12/9)

On Sunday, at 1:05 PM Mountain Time (3:05 PM Eastern), my guest on The Ross Kaminsky Show will be former Senator Alan Simpson (WY), recently of Simpson-Bowles Commission fame. In recent days, Senator Simpson has seen a YouTube video of his current… more »

Boehner Punishes the Principled

A friend e-mailed me some months ago to suggest that I contribute money to a particular congressman's campaign. My friend is a Democrat of some national prominence, and I responded to him, "You know I never give money to Democrats." He said, "No, this… more »

Pied Pipers of Poverty

If someone writing for Black Agenda Radio says that Newark (NJ) Mayor Cory Booker is "worse" than Barack Obama, in part because Booker has "railed against wealth distribution" and "is ideologically committed to the privatization of public education and… more »