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Oprah's Offensive Opinion

Since Oprah Winfrey was in London to promote "The Butler," a movie which depicts its subjects so dishonestly on the subject of race that Michael Reagan — who personally knew the film's key protagonists — called it "The Butler from Another Planet," it's… more »

Which is the Real Slutty Obamacare Ad?

One of the ads below is a real ad for Obamacare. OK, it's not that hard to choose which is real, but it's pretty scary that either one is...they might as well both be.     more »

The Upside of Obamacare

I am slightly grateful for Obamacare. It’s not going to cause a 21st Century Great Awakening toward the perils of Leviathan government. If history is a guide, any such increase in citizens’ focus on the harm done by politicians will likely be… more »

The (Obamacare) Fix Is In

President Obama’s Thursday press conference about a proposed “administrative fix” to the disaster that is Obamacare had the feeling of the last air leaking out of the “hope and change” party balloon. Giving typically rambling and somnolent answers to… more »


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Tax Hikes and Secession aka "Just Say No!" (2013 Colorado Election Thoughts)

Much of the out-of-state attention paid to Colorado in Tuesday night’s elections was in regard to the fundamentally unrealistic ballot measures in 11 counties to secede from the state and create a 51st state called North Colorado. To be more precise: Th… more »

Food Stamp Independency

Today, the first-ever program-wide reduction in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”), also known as food stamps, will take place. The reduction amounts to $5 billion out of a program that spent nearly $80 billion in the most recent… more »