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The stock market has little hope for Obama

For those of you who haven't been paying attention to financial markets (which is probably somewhere between 0% and 2% of my readers), I'd like to point out that the Dow Jones was not only down 9% in January, but it's down 17% since the election of The C… more »

Above his pay grade

On Saturday, at the Saddleback Church event, both Barack Obama and John McCain were asked when a baby gets human rights. McCain answered rapidly: "At conception". Obama gave one of the worst answers of his campaign...and I say this as someone who's pro-… more »

Exclusive Interview: RNC Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli

I had the opportunity to interview Frank Donatelli, Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee, on Friday afternoon. Mr. Donatelli and I spoke primarily about the presidential race, what the GOP is doing to win nationally and here in Colorado, and why he believes that McCain has an excellent chance to be our next president. more »